Choices for Your Kitchen

You’ve chosen your cabinets, completed the style and design for your kitchen, and are ready for the installation. What is left? The knobs and handles. There are many choices and depending on your kitchen’s aesthetic, you will probably need to look around to find the perfect ones. Here are a few cabinet hardware ideas to get you started.

knobs and handle styles phoenix cabinet cures
streamline moderne handles and flat bathroom cabinets phoenix cabinet cures

Streamline Moderne

This style of handle is sleek, curved, and streamlined. Based on ships and high-speed rails of the Art Deco era, the hardware works well with transitional, Art Deco, and modern aesthetics, specifically with darker woods. The larger handles cost more than the smaller, but it provides you with a nice, easy grip and a clean, sleek look.

pull bar white shaker kitchen cabinets phoenix cabinet cures

Pull Bars

Pull bars are flat, horizontal or vertical handles and come in various sizes, the larger ones having the tendency to stand out more. If this is the type of handles you want to go for, keep in mind that it’s best to match the color, whether it’s bronze, stainless steel, or black, with your appliances. The length will depend on your style as well. These are also easier on elders as they are able to grip with their whole hand. For this type of handle, it works best with kitchens of a Shaker, transitional, minimalist, traditional, or contemporary feel.

pull bin cup handles refacing kitchen cabinets phoenix cabinet cures

Bin/Pull Cups

Similar to its name, these upside-down, cup shaped handles come in all different colors and finishes. These work well on almost any type of cabinet to give it that vintage, minimalist feel, specifically working well on heavy drawers. Cleaning is simple and they tend to be used more for the traditional style, although they also work with Shaker, country, eclectic, and vintage.

back plate knob handles kitchen cabinets phoenix cabinet cures

Back Plates

These are knobs with an ornately designed back plate. The plate aids in aesthetic appeal, generally nodding to a stylized Victorian, Asian, or European feel, and protection to the finish of your cabinets. However, they do tend to add an extra cost to the knobs as well as making cleaning a little more difficult.

drop handles kitchen drawers phoenix cabinet cures

Drop Handles

Drop handle are a two-pieced handle that dangles. These are commonly seen as rings, but can be in other shapes and sizes. This gives the cabinet a more furniture-like feel. The plus side to these is that it makes it more difficult for small children to open the cabinets. On the other hand, it also makes it more difficult for you to open in a hurry and can cause damage to the cabinets over time, depending on the style. These are useful on any style cabinets you want to dress up.

glass knobs kitchen cabinets phoenix cabinet cures

Glass Knobs

These knobs bring some sparkle and shine to your cabinets. The variations and varieties of glass knobs are abundant, so choosing ones for your style of cabinets shouldn’t be too difficult. An advantage to glass knobs is that they are fairly inexpensive, but the more detailed and fluted ones can be harder to clean. They work well with country, traditional, vintage, and contemporary styles.

accent wire pulls kitchen drawers phoenix cabinet cures

Accent Wire Pulls

These types of pulls have more of an elegant feel with a fluted ellipse, simple bead, or a birdcage accent. Accent wire pulls give the cabinets a subtle, traditional feel without standing out too much. They work well with traditional style cabinets with raised panels, glazed or distressed finishes.

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