Upscale your Kitchen

Once your cabinets refacing is finished and you feel that your kitchen is complete there are still a few more options you can consider to make your kitchen stand out. One exciting feature that you can add is crown molding.

Crown molding will add surprising value to your home, leaving a room looking more upscale. Many living rooms and bedrooms have the finishing touch of molding. Why can’t a kitchen?

First start to think of how your room will look with it. For example, and elaborate crown molding might look out of place in a contemporary or ranch style kitchen. If there are many features in the kitchen that are eye catching, adding more could give the feeling of an overcrowded room. The molding will look better if it is the only feature drawing in the eye.

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Adding molding to a room will make everyone’s eyes go upward and will make the kitchen appear larger. Making the kitchen seem larger is an illusion that everyone is trying to achieve with their home.

One exciting feature that can be seen with the molding is to add light behind it. This is a fun way to increase the brightness in a dim kitchen. It works well with any type of kitchen and molding. Added touches like lighting with a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the room is a great touch and mood setter.